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My article on CodePorject

Today I posted my article on CodeProject. Check out:

Experience of PDC 2007

I attended Pakistan Developer Conference(PDC) 2007 that hold on 19th & 20th June. The overall experience is excellent. The contents and delivery of all session (almost) was good. First day I took all three session of Hammad Rajoub and these were "Office 2007 Programmability" , "Composite Architecture" and "WCF Programming". The last one was excellent, while others too!!! On Second Day, Stephen Forte  Rocks! I took his first presentation on "Database Design Patterns", next was on "Agile Development" (Superb!!!) and third was on "WCF Programming". He also gave another presentation but I took my last session on "S+S Architecture" that delivered by Goksin Bakir. If I limit my experience to speakers and contents, then it was Great Experience but when I add management into the picture... some how it is not great. Some time, there was no one who can switch off lights so audience can see screen much better even when s

Jasper : .Net Components for Quick and Clean Data Access for Rapid Development

Jasper leverages the power of dynamic languages and the concept of convention over configuration to provide a programming surface for data that enables rapid development of data-bound applications. While most other rapid data access frameworks are only capable of working against simple databases, Jasper can scale to almost any database, regardless of size or complexity. This is possible because Jasper takes advantage of the ADO.NET Entity Framework’s significant investments in mapping and conceptual data modeling. System Requirement: Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003; Windows Vista; Windows XP Service Pack 2 PREREQUISITE: 1) Visual Studio Code name "Orcas" Beta1 running on Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 (SP2) or Windows Server 2003 or Windows Vista. 2) SQL Server Express or any other SQL Server 2005 edition, is required in order to use Jasper. To Download Click Here

Project Code Name "Acropolis"

Acropolis” builds on the rich capabilities of Microsoft Windows and the .NET Framework, including Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), by providing tools and pre-built components that help developers quickly assemble applications from loosely-coupled parts and services. System Requirement: Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista; Windows XP Service Pack 2 Other Requirements: Microsoft Visual Studio® Code Name "Orcas" Beta 1 To Download Click Here

SQL Server 2008 CTP Released

ORLANDO -- Microsoft on Monday released the first community technology preview of SQL Server 2008, the official name for what was initially codenamed "Katmai." The announcement was made here at the Microsoft TechEd Conference in Orlando. Katmai is set to ship in 2008 and the company is making it a central plank of its push into the business intelligence space. But Redmond is also building a number of developer-specific capabilities into the next-gen server release: The ADO.NET Entity Framework (EF) and the Language Integrated Query (LINQ). Developers can use the Entity Framework to program against data defined in a conceptual way, instead of having to work with information organized in tables and columns. "With the Entity Framework, we’re essentially programming at the conceptual level rather than at a logical level or a physical level," Francois Ajenstat, director of product management, SQL Server previously told RDN. LINQ enables developers to tap various sourc

Dress Change for Blog!!!

Finally, today I tested Customized feature of Blogger 2.0. It is really cool and put away headache of template editing as in older version. It really helped me to modify my blog style and to add gadget to my blogs. If you have blogger account then must check it, else create one :) Comments!!!


The LINQ arena is heating up with a number of new LINQ providers available. If you have explored LINQ at all, then you probably know about LINQ to SQL, LINQ to Objects and LINQ to XML. But LINQ is extensible, and developers have created a number of other LINQ providers.   Like, LINQ to Amazon , to Google , to Flicker , to SharePoint , to WMI , and much more are coming .... it is likely seems that in future every thing will change into LINQ ... an objected oriented way to accessing ...   for more information click here

DriveInfo.GetDirectories throws UnauthorizedAccessException

Consider the following line of code DirectoryInfo Dir = DriveInfo.GetDrives()[1].RootDirectory.GetDirectories(); FileInfo[] files = Dir.GetFiles("anyfile.txt",SearchOption.AllDirectories) ; First line will return RootDirectory of C drive (usually C drive is the second drive, after A or floppy drive). Second line uses GetFiles method that will apply on Root Directory of C. GetFiles takes two arguments, one is string search pattern where second is an enumeration that says either to search in all directories or only in top level directories. But this code will throw an error if you don't have appropriate right for any folder of C Drive .... for example on Windows XP with multiple users, you should not have rights to see files of other users .... in result the search interrupted and unsuccessful. To avoid such problem, we can use recursive function... that recursive function can catch UnauthorizedAccessException ... can we not in above Code?? Yes we can, but as it termin

Show Application in Taskbar even visible property set to false

Consider a scenario: you have developed an application in which whenever you want to work as background, you set visible property of form to False. But by setting visible property to false, it also disappear from Taskbar.... and now your boss ask to always display in your taskbar... so what should you do? Either change your code and replace visible property to Windowstate property or some thing else that can utilize your same code? Yes it is. We can achieve it by VisibleChanged event of form ... private void Form2_VisibleChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)         {              if(this.Visible == false)             {                 this.Visible = true;                 this.WindowState = FormWindowState.Minimized;             }         } Now whenever form's visible property changed to False, it will minimize it set visible property to true ... so it will also display in taskbar

10 Steps to Help Keep Your Business Secure

Virus protection is a two-stage process. First, you need to educate your users, and then strengthen your network's security defenses. Review this checklist to see if your employees and systems are covered.