Google and Academia

Since my under-graduation study, I have been utilizing MIT Open Courseware and downloaded the number of lectures in form of presentations and other materials. Such things really helped to share quality level material across the globe. Today, I saw a post on Google Official Blog that update me about Google initiatives for Academia and I really inspired, specially by Google Code for Educators and Google Research.

In Pakistan or at least in Karachi, I found huge gap among teaching material, methodologies and Industry's need. There is really need a mechanism that help educators to enhance their courses with current computing technologies and paradigm. Google Code for Educators is targeting same panorama. Presently, it is providing material for AJAX Web Programming, Distributed Systems, Parallel Programming and Web Security but I am much sure soon you will find allot there. And, Google Research offers resources to CS researchers,including papers authored by Googlers and a wide variety of Google's tech talks. 

The only pity thing for me is that booth pages are not supporting RSS  :( ... so you have to bookmark and visit periodically to check updates.


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