My Paper on "4P Time Management Module"

During last days of under-gradation study I presented a paper about time management. The title of Paper was "4P Time Management Module".I wrote this paper specially for students to describe a simple module to manager their tasks and time more efficiently. You can download it from here. Few snapshot of article are given bellow:

What is time? Time it self a controversial topic as it is difficult to define uncontroversial definition of time except the physic’s definition, i.e. Time is a fundamental quantity. But, we say that ‘time is the duration between two events’ that fits for this article.

Different people may judge identical lengths of time quite differently. Time can "fly"; that is, a long period of time can seem to go by very quickly. Likewise, time can seem to "drag," as in when one performs a boring task. In explaining his theory of relativity, Albert Einstein is often quoted as saying that although sitting next to a pretty girl for an hour feels like a minute, placing one's hand on a hot stove for a minute feels like an hour.

Why do I have little time? Usually people are claiming about the shortage of time in their life. Does every one having such problem? Did your colleagues get more time for assignments? Do you have day of 20 hours? No, then...
Do we need Analysis? What else require? Analysis, no doubt without analysis such effort is useless. As it is not regard of this article to define the method or way of analysis. But it is necessary that you must analyze yourself that either you are on track or going away. This analysis can be in the different form, like in Phase it can...


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