Google For Educators

Few months back, I posted some thing about Google Research and Google Code for Educators. But today I came to know about something really great from Google, Google for Educators!!! At this place you can find different material, ideas and posters for class, lab and libraries. You can also find that how a teacher can use Google Map, Google News, Picasa or others Goolge's products in a class room.

I also spent little bit time as Educator and I understand the need of such thing, especially in Pakistan where there is no standard curriculum or event book for Computer Education. We still have been following ooooold books and curriculum, even we are teaching GWBASIC.. ahhh!

If you have school going kids then don't wait for your children's teachers, check this out yourself. You can teach your child that how he can use/enhance his geography knowledge by using Google Earth or how he can find pictures of birds and upload on Picasa to share with his teacher and colleagues ... is it not great?


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