Say bla bla bla!

At last I am able to see 'comments' link on my blog... it took too much time than expected :(. Anonymous commenting is also enable as I am not worry about who is writing instead WHAT! Little bit other tuning of template also took place... let C! have you noticed?

So go ahead and write like bla, bla bla! :)


Anonymous said…
Hey hey hey...temme one thing..r u the guy who at sometime in the past was working on something related to Grid Computing as well? and while doing so u contacted a girl whose profile u saw in one of the Grid Computing related communities at Orkut? and I guess she didn't reply u :$
If u r the same person then i wud say SMALL WORLD! :)
Qasim Pasta said…
SMALL WORDS :) ... what can I say? :S
Anonymous said…
Small Words or World?? R u seriously the same person...if so my apologies as well bcoz I remember not replying u at that time :$
Qasim Pasta said…
oh ..yes it is small world :) I am the same person :)
Anonymous said…
hey u coming for the SI session 4...let's hope we get a chance to catch up!

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