Karachi Power Crisis: Solution?

Power Crisis in Karachi is one of the hot topic for Pakistani Blogger. Karachi Metro Blog, Chowrangi and Pakistaniat have written on the topic. It is useless to add something more except few comments which made in response of Pakistaniat's post.

Firstly, comments from my side

"What I know … if you talk to a middle-class family (who lives in F.B. Area , Nazimabad or N. Nazimabad) you will find they always pay bill at time … their bills have been getting high and high despite load-shedding for long long hours …

I don't know …. what is going to happen but is it not enough?"

And later, someone said very well but with anonymous nick 'Reluctant Expatriate'

"I always wonder what will be the outcome if some of the team of Pakistani investment bankers who raise venture capital of billions in New York, and hordes of Pakistani engineers who design, build, and operate power plants and electricity transmission systems in US can be combined into a strong team to address the power issues in Pakistan."

It is an excellent thought and should not specific to a single area, but ....


Unknown said…
If wishes were horses ... :)

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