Waiting for green light!

Have you ever noticed that how does Traffic Light relate to our life? Whenever light is Red we are not suppose to move forward ... if light is Yellow... we should prepare ourself to launch... but still we are not suppose to move forward until light become Green!

I am also waiting for Green Light!


Anonymous said…
I'm expecting you to have ur own startup sometime soon InshAllah :)
Unknown said…
I'm here for you man. Oh you mean something else that's green? oho
Anonymous said…
just fixing the wire for green light it can be green any time be ready

best of luck
Anonymous said…
Good luck for the greener phase :)
Qasim Pasta said…
Thanks all for wishes!

I know you are here ... so soon I will be in your inbox!
Ali Raza Shaikh said…
Hmmm, Best of Luck with that (Y)
Ali Raza Shaikh said…
BTW we are pakis! we even launch at Red Light :P
Anonymous said…
Moms signal for marry also called Green Light :P

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