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Born Brave

I don't want to be a programmer for forever but its true :)

Why are we expecting WW III?

If you are still in feelings that World is in peace and nothing could happen like WW II then you have to rethink again ... as my last post pointed out an article indicating WW III but still some one can ask why US need to so these all? Well, at one side US needs possession on Oil reservoir to support economy and the other side US needs Oil for its own usage ...I believe following images tell 1000 words :) Source: . The above picture clearly shows that consumption of Oil by US is much much higher than other countries ... surprisingly more than China and India too. Source: This picture shows that status of NON-ARAB oil reservoirs. You can see that till 2005 all NON-ARAB reservoirs have been crossed their peek time. So, now only ARAB reservoirs are hope for US :) So be ready, test yourself without Electricity (no TV, no compute

Why the Dollar Bubble is about to Burst

Do you want to know what is behind this High oil prices? Behind Iraq and Afghanistan War? Do you know that what types of 'mass-of-destruction' weapons are in Iran? Must read this article: Related post: Do you trade in Euro?

Digital Eyez: Two talented guy from UIT got positions

It took long time to write about two fine talents of UIT which recently explored in an event 'Digital Eyez' . I am talking about Raj and Faizan Saeed which got 1 st and 2 nd position respectively in Web designing competition of 'Digital Eyez' . 'Digital Eyez' was a photographic centric event organized by students of National University of Computer & Emerging Science (FAST) and Nuvica Pakistan was the major sponsor of the event. The theme of web designing competition was the Nuvica’s website and responded well by participants. I met with Raj just one month before and found him a passionate talented guy who wants to change the world overnight. I had few interactions with him and yet not able to see his work for ‘Digital Eyez’ (he did his work on Flash which can’t witness as thumbnail) but his achievement witness his creativity. Personally, I know Faizan since my first day as chairman of UITCS and found him most creative person I ever met. He was th