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Samad Khurram: The student who protest against US attack

A student of private school, Samad Khurram, refused to receive his award from US ambassador as a sign of protest against US attack on Armed Forces inside Pakistan. You can read complete story at Pakistani Spectator , WeCite , Daily Times , Association Press of Pakistan , or watch video at YouTube As usual, debates on different forums have been started that whether he did right or wrong! Regardless that, here are my observations: A simple search on Google News Search showed only 3 stories (all three links are pointing to local media) where at the same time same string generated more than 50 results on Google Blog Search ! So; international media is no more interested.... why? click on image to see in large size click on image to see in large size I don't know any thing about Mr. Samad Khuram, but I believe this is the best way to protest instead long march or strikes... There are people who have objection that then why is he learning in US? They must rethink ... should

Thanks God and thanks CPLC!

You won't believe! I just received call from CPLC confirming whether still I am receiving call from that bastard or not? He did not only ensured that there will be no more such calls from that number but also gave me number in other case. My mother was receiving harassment calls from a specific number (see  here ) , I made a complain to CPLC  via their email address and it worked! Thanks God and thanks CPLC !

FireFox 3.0

FireFox 3.0 is on my machine! a bit stylish toolbar, IMPROVED performance and nothing special! The most important feature of FireFox 3.0 (for me) is Performance and I believe they spent good time for this feature and it is visible through first flight. Another interesting and improved feature is Zoom facility. I surprised to see image quality with maximum zoom ... it is wonderful experience.... give it a try! Other good features in this release are One click bookmark (Useless feature if you use use Ctrl+D for bookmark), Adds On Manager: search install new add-on from a single window(I don't search daily); and better security (every one Cliam). I found a feature 'smooth scrolling' but unable to understand what it is and also feel performance hit when this option is enable. New stylish toolbar of FireFox 3.0 (see new style for Back button) at maximum zoom

Need help!

For last one month someone ,from number 03223687216, harassing my mother on her cell number. Initially we ignored but now it is increasing day by day. What should I do? Let me know via comments or end me email at mqpasta (at) gmail (dot) com

Tip for Geeks to save energy

1. Turn off your monitors whenever you leave your computer desk even for few minutes. 2. Shutdown or hibernate your computer when leaving for lunch, a cup of tea or going outside with your friend. 3. Ask your friends before downloading a new game or piece of software for whole night. Do you have any?  If you would like to add/remove any tip then let me know via comments!

Gwadar Port: Fact Sheet

Owais Mughal wrote an excellent post on Gwadar Port at . No doubt he made great efforts to collect all these facts and details. I just would like highlight few points from that post. Gwadar port is not only economically important for Pakistan but it also hold important strategic and political aspects. Iran is also having concern with Gwadar port as it can take away businesses from Iranian port. India took it as opportunity and helping Iran to develop its port Chabahar. Ops! Did you hear it in news before? Gwadar port identified in 1964 , Feasibility study started in 1993 ... after 28 years! great! Even at that time we didn't think about to develop this port. Thanks to Chinese Government, In May 2001 they agreed for financial and technical support for this project. On March 22, 2002 laid the foundation of Gwadar Port and inaugurated in March 2005... yes, its not typo... completed in 3 years! I don't want to go in debate of Democracy or Dictatorship

Test post from Zoudry Raven

This is a test post from Zourdy Raven blog post editor....
Science may set limits to knowledge, but should not set limits to imagination - Bertrand Russell

Generation of Separate DLLs for each Code-behind file

You can generate separate DLLs for all code-behind files (.aspx.cs pages) of your web application by following three simple steps. 1. Right click on Project in Solution Explorer and select ‘Publish Web Site’ 2. Select first two checkboxes and provide the path 3. Click on OK One of the need of these separate DLL is to perform Code Analysis (aka FxCop ) on these files in order to measure the quality of the code.

Organized looting at M.A Jinnah Road

Source: At 5.15 p.m. June 4, I stopped at Plaza, in front of the Polani Motors on Karachi 's busiest thoroughfare, the M. A. Jinnah Road , to have my car's electric window repaired. Soon, I was mobbed by some seven to eight people, who insisted that I get some door rubbers installed. I refused but they started the work nevertheless. Quickly, I found myself trapped, with these people doing all sorts of work on the car, not listening to my command, directions and pleadings. These people had me so placed that I could not run, scream or phone anybody, even though I was on the busiest road of Karachi . By all means, I was held hostage by them. Then it was crunch time. Their boss handed me small piece of paper. It was a bill for Rs25,600. He literally ordered me to pay. Yes! You read it correctly, Rs25,600 for work I did not order and I did not know anything about — for installing some rubbers on the doors. Their boss ordered

Day light saving for Pakistan!!!

Its 1:00 AM not 12:00 AM ..... day light saving implemented for next three months! But I think world is not ready for this! see the time of this post... Google didn't implemented for my country :'(

Tips for Effective Business Communication!

From a forwarded email. In your very best relationship - whether your spouse, best friend, sister, co-worker - you can easily communicate with them in a high value way. You telephone, email, write notes, make plans and generally stay in contact with them because you want a connection and a relationship with them. In building very good relationships in business, it is absolutely the same. What is different in a business relationship is that you are communicating with colleagues and you don't always know them as well as a dear friend. However, they need the same attention that a good relationship needs. These needs are: Returning a phone call Following up on a request Listening intently Appreciative communication Clear communication with details and directions Doing what you say you will do Remembering what is important to them Valuing what is most important to them Our communication styles and methods are being stretched by email, technology, lack of time and resources is live!

At last my own domain is live and successfully integrated with my blog. I registered my domain around 18 months before with a local hosting company. This was not the first time that I registered any domain but to my surprise the first time a company claimed that they charged only for domain parking and not for any other services like DNS management, email forwarding etc. Even, if I want to point my domain to any server then I should buy other services to do so or purchase hosting service :( Well, this time I have managed to register my domain with FREE service that made me able to point my domain to my blog. I did a little bit tuning of UI (you can see addition/removal of some widgets) and integrated my old-friend i.e. FeedBurner. So, if you are one of the subscriber of my blog then please re-subscribe to my FeedBurner's feed.