FireFox 3.0

FireFox 3.0 is on my machine! a bit stylish toolbar, IMPROVED performance and nothing special! The most important feature of FireFox 3.0 (for me) is Performance and I believe they spent good time for this feature and it is visible through first flight. Another interesting and improved feature is Zoom facility. I surprised to see image quality with maximum zoom ... it is wonderful experience.... give it a try!

Other good features in this release are One click bookmark (Useless feature if you use use Ctrl+D for bookmark), Adds On Manager: search install new add-on from a single window(I don't search daily); and better security (every one Cliam). I found a feature 'smooth scrolling' but unable to understand what it is and also feel performance hit when this option is enable.

New stylish toolbar of FireFox 3.0 (see new style for Back button)

at maximum zoom


Unknown said…
downloaded here too! They're about to hit 4 million!
Qasim Pasta said…

4 millions in a day! good number... but what I believe there is no point for making records! They can not beat IE until or unless they develop an OS for this ... or MS do same as did with VMWare

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