ATP Poll: Who is In-Charge of Pakistan today?

ATP published an online poll on 27th July 2008 with question 'Who is in-charge of Pakistan today?'. By this time, they have been received 308 votes and the result is very much interesting.

According to result, no one believe that actually our honorable prime minister is in-charge of Pakistan today; as per law he should be. So, who is puppeteer?


Anonymous said…
Zardari of course!

Musharraf's just waiting and watching where they take this country.

Gillani just embarrassed the Pakistani community in America.
Unknown said…
LOL! Yes, I guess it takes more than local ghunda ghardi experience to tackle the REAL ghundas of the world
Tazeen said…
no points for guessing the result. We all know that the PM is only good for wearing suits and speaking in horrible English and Urdu for that matter.

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