UIT Poster Session Spring 2008

I still remember the time when we had long discussion with Sir. Parkash Lohana (HOD of Computer Science) and Mr. Iftikhar Mubasshir (Coordinator of First Poster Session). The idea of Poster Session; an event in which students demostrate projects in front of people from industry, was rejected by other departements due to unknown reason (usually we give it name 'FEAR'). Mr. Parkash was the one who initated this idea but later was not feeling comfortable to execute only for CS department. Any how, he agreed and gave us permission to organize first Poster Session. The interesting part of the story is ... after organizng two successful such events... other departements showed their wish to be part of this event too! poor decision maker!

Well, the fifth episode of this event is going to happen tomorrow. Everyone from industry and/or academia is invited to evaluate students' projects. Hire them if you need, appreciate them if you like, guide them if you feel.

In Poster Session, the graduating batch will be exhibiting their final year projects for external evaluation by the faculty and the professionals from different institutions and industries, where you will see new technologies and solutions in action. It is the business event for the enterprising decision makers in the region. The event will start at 9:30 am and will continue till 4:00 pm without any break!


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