UFONE GPRS mystery

I have been using Ufone for last 5 years… and since my first day with Ufone, I activated GPRS on my connection and use time by time. Recently, I bought a smart phone and configured with Ufone GPRS settings but didn't use so much. Recently, in Eid vacations I become victim of Faulty Cable Net and had lost internet connective at home. Unfortunately, our client in UK faced some serious issues and we are asked to communicate. I had no choice except to utilize my GPRS connection. As I am Memon, so first thing I do with my phone browser setting is turn-off imagesJ (so I can save money).

I installed fring so we can communicate with them, use Gmail mobile and no other fancy stuff. Soon, I realized my credit become Zero (0)… ops! Recharged my account and just one more day to reach Zero (0) balance. Damm! I decided to give a check… and following are my findings!


Before Using fring

Signing into fring


Packet Send (KB)




Packet Received (KB)




Balance (amount)



4.55 (for 47 KB)



For, 47 KB data send/receive they charged Rs.4.55/-. i.e. Rs.0.97/- per KB OR Rs.100/- MB.

This is something so weird.


Anonymous said…
RS 100 or 1.00
Anonymous said…
Rs 100 or 1.00MB
Anonymous said…
thats quite cruel! get the ufone ppl by neck!! =)

btw you are my project advisor at PAF-KIET for my final project =)

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