UIT Alumni Dinner 2008 has been postponed

[I wrote this post on Wednesday, 22nd October but could not post due to blessing of KESC]

Today, I received email from Mr. Waseem stating that UIT Alumni Dinner 2008 has been postponed till further notice. Well, if someone asks my feeling then there is nothing except sadness.


  1. I got a call from Mr. Waseem and he informed me about UIT Alumni Gathering. I was so pleased and ensure my cooperation. We discussed about Sponsorship but I stated my point of view clearly that it is not possible for an inactive forum (I remember how I was able to get 0.45 million sponsorship from industry for our event UTECH).
  2. We got invitation of Alumni Dinner via email. I talked with my seniors, fellows and juniors; everyone was excited.
  3. Soon, sadly, we got another email with stating that Rs.1,000/- as Alumni Annual charges and somehow a constraint in order to attend this dinner. i.e. Rs.1,000/- for dinner.
  4. Due to this, people become furious and they reacted oppositely
  5. A chain of email including views, suggestions and proposals.
  6. Finally, we got another email for postponed event.


  1. Everyone was excited for gathering, not for dinner. I think the people at UIT didn't earn this point.
  2. Rs.1,000/- for a year, i.e. around Rs.84/- per month. Obviously, it is not a big deal for any alumnus but everyone considered it as charges for dinner for which they invited (do you ask money from your guest?)
  3. People floated different suggestion and proposals. Basically, everyone felt wrong execution plan for Annual fee; such announcement after or in dinner could change the entire scene.
  4. People also showed their concerns that there is no proper plans or management exists for Alumni, therefore we first gather to do so and then ask people for annual charges.
  5. People also felt that UIT needs this money in order to arrange this Alumni Dinner, like Farewell dinner and this is shameful.


What should to do now?

  • UIT Management must realize this fact that an active alumnus is always beneficial for institution not for alumna.
  • Periodic get-togethers (I am not asking for dinner!) should be organized. At least three such gathering should be schedule and announce. This is the only way to activate this forum.
  • We sit together and agreed on future plans for Alumni (at least for next 6 months). At this stage we can propose the ideas for raising funds.


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