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Crystal Report dropped from VS 2010

I am just playing with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Beta release on my newly installed Windows 7. But surprisingly, I found that Crystal Report has been dropped from VS 2010 and will be available as separate download and you know what… they have no delivery dates for this. According to Blair Wheadon , Project Manager at SAP, wrote in his blog post that production release will no later than Q3 2010 i.e. till September 2010; still nine months ahead. He also mentioned that there will be slight change in licensing; although he mentioned that it will impact only those who redistribute web applications externally. I think, a huge number will affect by this… will this hinder the VS2010 popularity? For me, yes!

PakDev: Imagine Cup 2010

Imagine Cup seminar at PAF-KIET by Pakistan Developer Forum (PakDev)

Setup for new venture

Some of you people might aware that we have shifted to our small but new home (Alhamdulillah). Today I setup my work-space for upcoming venture in upper portion of home. I setup one desktop computer + laser printer + laptop connected via (secured) WiFi :) From Abnormal Geek!!! Well it seems quite easy but it took around 6 hours to finish this work. Anyhow, a long story.. useless to write here..

Dubai Crisis [Funny]

[Received via forwarded email ]

Best Way

The best way to keep ourselves and our lives in good shape is to empty our minds of all worries, anxieties, tensions and negative thoughts before we retire for the night. We can then begin the new day with energy, vigor and freshness. [Received via email from my respectful teacher Mr. Parkash Loahan]

Finally, connected via DSL

Alhamdulillah, the land line has been installed at home with DSL! for my surprised, it went so fine... In fact, the line-man who earlier visited my home gave some panic to my family by refusing to install without Mithai but thanks to Allah who gave me strength to say no and wait for few days! they installed the line but that was not working ... few phone calls to PTCL complaint center worked! The experience with DSL installation was so great! they guy called before coming at home and the whole installation took not more than 10 minutes! Surprised! except this, the guy was so charming and cooperative too! so I learned, this is not management but employees who can make an organization good or bad for people!

Today's Quote

People who knows me closely can understand the reason behind this post :) Do not tell people how to live their lives. Just tell them stories. And they will figure out how those stories apply to them. - Randy Pausch

Setup Dual Monitor with your PC

If you have seen my last post then you can understand reason to post this. Here are few links I used to setup dual monitor at my work place. Why Dual Monitor? Then you need to read my last post and see Randy Pausch Video Lecture on Time Management.

Randy Pausch: Time Management

This video is in my queue for long time but unfortunately I could not make it except few days before. I felt myself dumb on delaying it so lately. Randy gave essence of his life in this video. He clearly accepted that why he is more valuable than his other fellows… and yes, not because he is smarter but he managed his time more appropriately. Personally, like lot of other people, I am also victim of bad time management and a procrastinator too! . I have been fighting myself against this for last one year but still unable to defeat. Somehow, this video gave me new visions and dimensions. Especially, I like the usage of PDA for managing schedule etc. Its not like that its new for me but I was missing something… I think we love latest technologies but we don’t use as we should… don’t we all have good cellphones in our hand? How many of using schedule and reminder facility appropriately? The most difficult but important thing is using Time Journal… I am still unable to start logging my

How our inner Ego sometimes misjudges a PERSON

I just received this email from one old friend and its worthy to share with you all. A lady in a faded grey dress and her husband, dressed in a homespun suit walked in timidly without an appointment into the Harvard University President's outer office. The secretary could tell in a moment that such backwoods, country hicks had no business at Harvard and probably didn't even deserve to be in Harvard. "We want to see the President "the man said softly. "He'll be busy all day "the secretary snapped. "We'll wait" the lady replied. For hours the secretary ignored them, hoping that the couple would finally become discouraged and go away. They didn't and the secretary grew frustrated and finally decided to disturb the president. "Maybe if you see them for a few minutes, they'll leave" she said to him. The President, stern faced and with dignity, strutted toward the couple. The lady told him "We had a son who attend

Outstanding Employees?

Last few weeks were quite quite quite busy... although I can't term them as busiest time of my life so far (as I had more busiest time this) but this time I added frustration .. not stress bcz such busiest time always come with stress. Frustration is not bad thing but it become worst when you can't show that you are frustrated... Well no doubt this and coming few weeks will be key for my life as key d ecisions to be taken . Anyhow, I received a fantastic email from one of fellow and it fits so right in my current situation... its quite debatable but I don't want to add my comments to spoil the topic... [From a forwarded email] Every company has a performance appraisal system in place to measure the effectiveness of its employees. Employees are normally rated in most of the companies in the categories. Apart from them non performance category is also there, which is not depicted here ) . Needless to say everyone wants to be rated Outstanding. What is the yard stick and

Where am I?

sorry guys! last few weeks were just "busy" ... I don't think so that word "busy" can even define better for these days! usually I used this word in order to decoreate my laziness but ... :S I will comeback here soon with lots of stuff! ( Inshallah ) meanwhile congrats to fans of Roger Federer on winning final of Wimbledon but I really missed Nadal

Stands Up for the Champions!

Paksitan beated Sri Lanka by 8 wickets in final of Twenty Twenty World Cup!


Dreams are not wat U see in Sleep, Dream is wat that doesn't allow U to Sleep!! - Dr. A. Q. Khan

Watch Twenty20World Cup Live on your computer!

Well, I was looking for URL to see live twenty20 WC matches on my PC and yesterday decided to ask from my fellows by using Twitter and Facebook. Wow! fantastic! in few minutes I got number of good URLs! So, here are:

How to conquer a country?

In the old days you needed military force to conquer & control a country. Today force is not necessary at all. You can destabilize a country, make it poor & then make it request for help . For the help that is given you gain control over the policies of that country & once you have control of a country's polices you have effectively colonized it.  -- Dr. Mahathir Mohammad.

Which place are these?

I recieved the following images from a forward email. These are picture of Makran Costal Highway!

Student Resources: Open Course Ware sites

I received following information from one of my friend and writing here to share with you all. The following are the links of the comprehensive open course ware sites of the universities which are sharing their education resources. MIT Open Course Ware: Virtual University of Pakistan: Stanford Engineering: Indian Institute of Technology: http://nptel. Open Course Consortium:

Islam & America

Watch this video : (embeded version is disabled) I don't know whether this video telecasted or not! but we should promote such videos to tell them whats the reality! Do you want to see what they learned from BBC or CNN then watch this video: ch?v=fJuNgBkloFE

Future of Pakistan?



Most of us know Imran Khan as an ex-cricketer and a politician... but he is a great speaker too! Look this video ... he is giving his speech in CIMA Conference 2005 in Srilinka . Ahh... could it possible to listento him (like this) in our universities?

Journey of an amateur photographer

I went my grandmother's home with my camera. We decided to go on roof as these days weather is too hot in Karachi. Today, the moon was complete so I started taking photographs. After few minutes I realized someone on the roof of another home, after few street of my grandmother's home, asking my attention by raising his hand. I responded by signal and he asked that why I am taking snapshots of his home and family. Suddenly I realized the situation and signal towards moon. Well, he realized by giving signal of OK but ask me to come at his home as his wife still feeling uncomfortable. Well, I went to their home and meet that person. He is doctor and practice at home too, so I handed over my v. card in hand of his assistant with words "kaho k camera wala aya he" :) On entering room, he told that he knows me (because we belong to same community) and now there is no issue. In fact, he is living in a paint room (do I need to say about legal status?) and was worried that some

Run multiple Skype!

Do you want to run mutiple Skype client on your machine? Skype 4.0 having builtin support for this. Just go to command prompt and run: "c:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe" /secondary

On Flickr!

You can see my photo stream on flickr:

Short trip to Manora!

Finally, we decided to go Manora as our first trip of series Discover Paksitan... :)  The tour shrank to one day from three days! :)  Well, on Monday 23rd March 2009, I and my brother decided to go somwhere ... where? we had no idea at time of leaving the home. Well, we decided to go Kemari ... our first stop was a "Dhaba"  for breakfast. Then we spend around an hour on Kemari Boat Terminal ! Surprisingly, the camera was not allowed due to   security  issue. However, we utilized our spy skills to take few bad picture :). Then we decided to go and see Manora Beach! Now, we had two options.. either to go via general boats... they charge Rs.20/- per person but they try their best to remind your sleeping faith! ... I am sure secular people can use such service without any fear. We went for second option .. according to commission agent of the boat, only we two (me and my brother) and two families were supposed to go via this boat and for this special arrangement we paid double

Discover Pakistan: Planning for a short trip...

Coming Monday is a holiday, so we will be having a long weekend. I am planning to make a short trip to interior areas of Sindh or Panjab in this long weekend. The plan is simple, leave on Friday evening or Saturday morning and returning back on Sunday night. The idea behing this is to "Let Discover Pakistan" ... have you ever seen historical place of Bhambore in Sindh? Gorakh Hill ? Ranikot , largest fort of the world? Kirthar National Park ? and lot more places... these all are in Sindh! ... Along this, lot of other beautiful places and sceneries are waiting for you... until you decided to discover them...  If you have any good suggestion or wish to join us, then drop an email at mqpasta(at) gmail (dot) com.

Chief Justice Restored - So WHAT?

Chieft Justice, Mr. Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary has been restored by Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani in a natinoal TV telecast on March 16, 2009. This restoration is the resultant of two years efforts of lawyers along with other political parties including PML(N), Jamat-e-Islami, Tehre-ke-Insaf and ANP (remember 12 May?). Well, like other millions of people I also have concern that what next? will it resolve all or any issue we are facing? But, I came across this video (few days before somone shared this video on Facebook and I was looking this video because of its sound track). Fortunately, I downloaded this video ... and along with its beautiful sound track ... video gave me the answer..... There is no doubt that success of this movement proved that any public movement can change entire scene... and this is a message for our upcoming generation ..... but we should not look or wait for others to take initiative ... step ahead and take initiative ... or lost your valuable.

Boat Rallies (KMB)

Bus Yadeen... Yadeen reh jati hain ...

I am not too old guy (please read not old guy) but its really nice to listen this song after long time....

Rickshaw School Van (KMB)

I can change the world!!!

I came across this video from Jehan's blog .

Workshop on “Enterprise application development in .Net”

I will be delivering a workshop on "Enterprise application development in .Net" in UIT, on 25th Feb 2009 at 9:30 am. Basically, this workshop arranged for Final Year students of UIT but interested person can participate (drop me an email, if you are not student of UIT but interested to attend this). Objective: At the end of the workshop participant must have basic practical knowledge and enough vision to develop optimized and maintainable large enterprise applications on .Net framework. Prerequisite: Familiarity with .Net framework, web development and database applications   Agenda: Issues in enterprise development Multiple team Maintenance Data volumes Three Tier Development Separation of Presentation and Logic Layers Power of T-SQL and Stored Procedures Measure Performance For website For database Handling Volumetric Data How to measure performance of stored procedures Cost of joins Break queries by using temporary tables Common Table Expression Support in SQL 2005 Powe

What is Success? [Part 2]

Following is the video of  Nick Vujicic, a preacher, motivational speaker and director of Life Without Limbs . First watch video and then answer following questions: Do you know about his life style? Do you think he is a successful person? So, what is Success? lifestyle? something else?  This question is still remain unanswered for me!

Tasty Chalia... and now Tasty Masala?


What is Success?

In my recent discussion with my respectable teacher, Parkash Loahana , I asked a question: "what is success?" Yesterday, I got an email from him defining the "success". Success cannot be measured in terms of money, power prestige, influence, education or standing in society. For a man may have all of these but yet his life is full of misery, unhappiness, moral corruption, and ineffectiveness. Success should be measured by the yardstick of happiness, the ability to be happy, and make others happy, the ability to be loved and to love, the ability to remain peaceful harmony with those around you, with your own self and with God's cosmic laws .     Success has three dimensions; the first is length, which is concerned with a man's material needs, his hopes and aspirations, his desires and dreams. The second dimension is breadth, for the truly successful man should go beyond himself and reach outward to others. Third dimension is height; he must go high a

WTF: Google Talk Lab Edition

Recently Google released Google Talk Lab edition . Like, lot of other people I downloaded this lab edition and installed on my computer immediately. Ops! I found my Google talk is still on my pc! Ok, no problem and uninstalled with faith in Google. Firstly I was unable to see all my contacts or only online contacts. So decided to change setting but… there is no button to change "Settings"…. Ok! I performed some simple search and routed to FAQ page of Google Talk Lab edition. And to my surprise, this edition does not support all future as normal Google Talk do (even this is not mentioned on Google Talk Lab Editio's download page)… According to FAQ : Some fatures from the original Google Talk client are missing. What happened to them? Google Talk, Labs Edition is an experimental release that brings some of the great features of the Google Talk Gadget to the desktop. Some features like voice calling and file transfer from the Google Talk client did not make it into this ver

Final Project Ideas

As I posted that we had a very good session at NED regarding Project Ideas. Recently, few students contacted so I thought this is good idea to post here. Provide a platform /portal in order to set reminder on SMS and/or email. These reminders can be birthday or meeting reminders. This ideas seems simple but the real challenge is implementing algorithm to send multiple sms/emails at a time. Secure/ self destructive email is not possible by using current email providers. For example, I wish to send a secure email which should not read/open without secret word etc. Or sending email to read only once, or sending email to read before specific date etc. The idea is to provide a platform to send such emails. Kindly note, there is no need to create another web server like gmail or hotmail, but the idea is to utilize openness of other email servers. Like, Gmail provide pop3 or IMAP access. These days, RSS is becoming more and more popular and sophisticated way to communicate. I have two Idea

Need Course Project Ideas!

I am looking for course project ideas for the following courses: Operating System Data Structure Object Oriented Programming Network Programming Logic Building / Introduction to Programming The only requirement is the project should reflect implementation of essential topics of course.

Windows 7 beta: deadline extended

Microsoft extended the deadline for Windows 7 beta downloading till February 10, but people could complete their download till 12th February. There will be no restriction on product key and if you will not have your product key, you will be able to do so even after 12th February.  According to Windows blog, the reason cited as: Because enthusiasm continues to be so high for the Windows 7 Beta and we don’t want anyone to miss out we will keep the Beta downloads open through February 10th. Customers who have started but not completed the download process  will be able to do so through February 12th. Presently, Windows 7 beta 32 bit version available in five languages including Arabic, English, German, Hindi and Japanese. 64 bit version of Windows 7 beta is not available in Hindi language. You can download Windows 7 beta from here .

Speaker at NED

Last Saturday I had a very good session at NED University regarding FYP Ideas. This session was arranged by DEVNEXT Group. This was a panel base session in which students asked number of questions regarding their project ideas. For more details about this session you can visit Ali Raza’s blog. 

Life is moving …

I still remember the time when I joined my college and thought that School life was awesome and unforgettable. Later, I had similar feelings about my college life when went to university. So, whenever there is a change in life, we feel delighted about our past (except one instance in life :) ). But there is no doubt, the things learned in past really payoff in future. Once again, I have same feelings on my last day at office as I decided to leave my current job for prospective future. I never thought such emotional attachment to workplace. I really enjoyed my time there and learned a lot. I will really miss some great friends too. But life is moving… I feel this change is a step towards my entrepreneurship plan… I am going to join a university as Lecturer for next one year. I believe this can help me in two ways: help me to complete my master ASAP (research is a full time job) Provide me seed money to experiment with entrepreneurship stuff. Although, I consider this as an experiment

Is Gmail inaccessible?

I am trying to login into Gmail but it is inaccessible here… What about at your end?

Farewell Party!!!

Yesterday, I had my farewell party from ChameleonNet team. Initially, this party was arranged for Muhamamd Kamran and I joined as one of the hosts but later ended as guest (someone else too, but this is out of scope for this post J ). Although, I was feeling so bad (yah! It's cold); fever, flu and throat infection successfully stopped me to enjoy delicious food of BBQ Tonight L . But I really enjoyed this gathering, a long waiting. And do you want to see how was I feeling when reached home, see this pic:

ME as Author for KMB!!!

Today I received an email from Jamal Ashiqain informing about my selection as an author for Karachi Metro Blog . It is really an honor for me and I am very excited to contribute my part. If you haven't heard the word 'Metro Blog' or wish to know about it then following paragraph is for you. Metroblogging started off as a more locally focused alternative news source in Los Angeles and has turned into the largest and fastest growing network of city-specific blogs on the Web. We got sick of reading local news that was syndicated from the other side of the country, or was just repurposed national chit chat that had nothing to do with our city. We created our first blog as a throw back to the days when a local news paper focused on local issues, and you could walk down to the corner coffee shop and chat up the reporters whose column you read earlier that day. This idea didn't stay in one city for long and before we knew it there were Metblogs in Chicago, Portland, Karachi,

5 Minutes Management Course

I received this from one of fellow and found worthy to share with you people Lesson 1       If you share critical information with your colleagues and stakeholders, you will be better positioned to prevent avoidable exposure.    Lesson 2     Know your job, if you are not well informed in your field, you might miss a great opportunity.   Lesson 3   A sales rep, an administration clerk, and the manager are walking to lunch when they find an antique oil lamp. They rub it and a Genie comes out. The Genie says, I'll give each of you just one wish. Me first, me first, says the admin clerk. I want to be in the Bahamas , driving a speedboat, without a care in the world. Puff! She's gone. Me next, me next, says the sales rep. I want to be in Hawaii , relaxing on the beach, an endless supply of    wine . Puff he's gone. OK, you're up, the Genie says to the manager. The manager says, I want those two back in the office after lunch.  Moral of the story  - Always let your bo