Discover Pakistan: Planning for a short trip...

Coming Monday is a holiday, so we will be having a long weekend. I am planning to make a short trip to interior areas of Sindh or Panjab in this long weekend. The plan is simple, leave on Friday evening or Saturday morning and returning back on Sunday night.

The idea behing this is to "Let Discover Pakistan" ... have you ever seen historical place of Bhambore in Sindh? Gorakh Hill? Ranikot, largest fort of the world? Kirthar National Park? and lot more places... these all are in Sindh! ... Along this, lot of other beautiful places and sceneries are waiting for you... until you decided to discover them... 

If you have any good suggestion or wish to join us, then drop an email at mqpasta(at) gmail (dot) com.


Anonymous said…
Assalam O Alikum
Its a great think sir..........
kissi ne to socha kuch adventure plus picnic ka
I'm with u and i want 2 go in this trip!!

Omer Javed
Intricate said…
Yes.. it's a good plan.. Plus we spend our entire week working hard.. and spend the weekend at home sleeping. Going outside is a better idea, for both our mind and body.. :)
Qasim Pasta said…

Sure, and we did... see

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