Short trip to Manora!

Finally, we decided to go Manora as our first trip of series Discover Paksitan... :)  The tour shrank to one day from three days! :) 

Well, on Monday 23rd March 2009, I and my brother decided to go somwhere ... where? we had no idea at time of leaving the home. Well, we decided to go Kemari ... our first stop was a "Dhaba" for breakfast. Then we spend around an hour on Kemari Boat Terminal! Surprisingly, the camera was not allowed due to security issue. However, we utilized our spy skills to take few bad picture :).

Then we decided to go and see Manora Beach! Now, we had two options.. either to go via general boats... they charge Rs.20/- per person but they try their best to remind your sleeping faith! ... I am sure secular people can use such service without any fear. We went for second option .. according to commission agent of the boat, only we two (me and my brother) and two families were supposed to go via this boat and for this special arrangement we paid double than normal charges! ... sure, its a cost of a safe ride.... but later we found .. there were two families but lot of two brothers like us! :( p

On reaching Manora, I heard a sound like "Bacho ki ticket bhi lain .. baro ki ticket bhi lain .. ticket line me lag ker lain..." phuh... Tickets? For what? to enter in Manora?  Suddenly, I and my brother shouted, "Ticket! Humain nahi jana" (Ticket, we don't want to go inside!). Well, then we realise by faces of other people that we did something peculiar...

We were last two persons who bought the tickets! Rs.10/- each ... but what.. I found something special and captured! (see ticket image and find yourself). Lot of things to write... but don't have much time... so in short, you will find two kind of people at Manora Beach: people belong to Arm Force and ordinary people. You can easily differentiate them because of poverty! I feel, they are there because they server arm people. Manora beach! beautiful beach... see images!


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