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Stands Up for the Champions!

Paksitan beated Sri Lanka by 8 wickets in final of Twenty Twenty World Cup!


Dreams are not wat U see in Sleep, Dream is wat that doesn't allow U to Sleep!! - Dr. A. Q. Khan

Watch Twenty20World Cup Live on your computer!

Well, I was looking for URL to see live twenty20 WC matches on my PC and yesterday decided to ask from my fellows by using Twitter and Facebook. Wow! fantastic! in few minutes I got number of good URLs! So, here are:

How to conquer a country?

In the old days you needed military force to conquer & control a country. Today force is not necessary at all. You can destabilize a country, make it poor & then make it request for help . For the help that is given you gain control over the policies of that country & once you have control of a country's polices you have effectively colonized it.  -- Dr. Mahathir Mohammad.

Which place are these?

I recieved the following images from a forward email. These are picture of Makran Costal Highway!

Student Resources: Open Course Ware sites

I received following information from one of my friend and writing here to share with you all. The following are the links of the comprehensive open course ware sites of the universities which are sharing their education resources. MIT Open Course Ware: Virtual University of Pakistan: Stanford Engineering: Indian Institute of Technology: http://nptel. Open Course Consortium: