Crystal Report dropped from VS 2010

I am just playing with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Beta release on my newly installed Windows 7. But surprisingly, I found that Crystal Report has been dropped from VS 2010 and will be available as separate download and you know what… they have no delivery dates for this. According to Blair Wheadon, Project Manager at SAP, wrote in his blog post that production release will no later than Q3 2010 i.e. till September 2010; still nine months ahead. He also mentioned that there will be slight change in licensing; although he mentioned that it will impact only those who redistribute web applications externally. I think, a huge number will affect by this… will this hinder the VS2010 popularity? For me, yes!


Anonymous said…
thanks for the letting us know when the release can be
X3ROX KHAN said…
Erm this is Zeeshan can u jst tell me which version of XNA is compatible with VS2010 coz XNA 3.0 is nt working with it.And also give sum little info abt F# and J#.

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