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Download subtitles for TED videos

I think we all understand the worth of TED videos and the immense knowledge and ideas shared by these videos. We usually share these videos and sometimes fortunate to watch these videos with all of you. But unfortunately downloaded videos does not show subtitles as we can enjoy while watching these videos online. I spent few hours and finally found a website ( ) to download subtitles for any TED videos. Actually this site retrieve subtitles from TED website and convert into a format which can support by player. To play video with subtitles in Media Player, need some tuning in Media Player. Instead of that, you can download GOM Player to watch videos with subtitles without any hustle (except you must set subtitle file name as media file name). TED Subtitle: GOM Player:

Need your 5 minutes to fill my research survey!

Hello everyone! I need your help for my ongoing research on mobile devices and its behaviors with people. Here is a simple survey form that will take maximum 5 minutes to fill. You can fill survey form at

How to catch an Elephant in the Africa

How to catch an Elephant in the Africa MATHEMATICIANS hunt elephants by going to Africa, throwing out everything that is not an elephant, and catching one of whatever is left. EXPERIENCED MATHEMATICIANS will attempt to prove the existence of at least one unique elephant before proceeding to step 1 as a subordinate exercise. PROFESSORS OF MATHEMATICS will prove the existence of at least one unique elephant and then leave the detection and capture of an actual elephant as an exercise for their graduate students. COMPUTER SCIENTISTS hunt elephants by exercising Algorithm A: Go to Africa. Start at the Cape of Good Hope. Work northward in an orderly manner, traversing the continent alternately east and west. During each traverse pass, Catch each animal seen. Compare each animal caught to a known elephant. Stop when a match is detected. EXPERIENCED COMPUTER PROGRAMMERS modify Algorithm A by placing a known elephant in Cairo to ensure that the algorithm will terminate. ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE PROGR

Do you want to see subtitles while watching movie?

I really like to watch movies with subtitles but it always not possible. Sometime I got movies with subtitles and sometime don't. Sometime we got movies with subtitles but we don't know how to enable them. Today I found a good article about how to show subtitles in movies. It is quite easy and really worked great. See this article at . Meanwhile you can also search subtitles for any movie at or at

Windows 7 Theme: Pakistan - Manora

Here is another theme pack for Manoora , Pakistan. You can download theme pack here

Message to America from a Syrian Boy


Job openings at ITIM System

Hello everyone, There are job openings at ITIM Systems Pvt. Ltd. One of finest software house of Karachi/Pakistan. I had a tremendous tenure there, so if anyone interested to work there then send me your resume ASAP.

Pakistan: Windows 7 Theme

While searching themes for Windows 7 I found that there are not much themes of Pakistan. I thought why not create one my self and so here it is. All pictures used in this theme are taken by myself (and so copy righted to me as well :) ) Just download compressed file, unpack it, install theme and enjoy it. You can download theme here: Download

Ban on pillion riding to end

Visa Matters! [Funny]

In a poor zoo of Pakistan, a lion was frustrated as he was offered not more than 2 kg of meat a day. The lion thought its prayers were answered, when one day a Dubai Zoo Manager visited the zoo and requested the zoo management to shift the lion to Dubai Zoo. The lion was so happy and started thinking of a central A/c environment, a goat or two every day. On its first day after arrival, the lion was offered a big bag, sealed very nicely for breakfast. The lion opened it quickly but was shocked to see that it contained few bananas. The lion thought that may be they cared too much for him as they were worried about his stomach as he had recently shifted from Pakistan . The next day the same thing happened. On the third day again the same food bag of bananas was delivered. The lion was so furious; it stopped the delivery boy and blasted at him,' Don't you know I am the lion...king of the Jungle..., what's wrong with your management?, what nonsense is this?, why are

Microsoft Ajax Content Delivery Network: jQuery and jQuery UI

The Microsoft Ajax Content Delivery Network (CDN) enables developer to add popular javascript plug-in directly from Microsoft's server instead of uploading on your server. As lot of other web developers will be using same scripts from CDN; therefore there are high chances that these files will be cached on different servers around the world and give performance edge to your website as well. Along this, another level cache advantage is user's cache as it is possible that user already visited a site which also used these scripts from CDN and no more need to download for your website. I believe it's a good step from Microsoft to facilitate developer and it's a strategic move as by this way Microsoft can gain control over changes in these files. As time goes and people will start these files from CDN, Microsoft will be in dominated position to propose changes in these files that supports their frameworks. To read more about CDN:

Chinese language to be introduced as part of CBSE curriculum

Mandarin, the language spoken by the majority of Chinese, will soon be part of CBSE curriculum as India and China on Wednesday discussed modalities to train a large number of Indian teachers to acquire the language skills to make it part of the syllabus. "China is our powerful neighbour and emerging as a biggest consumer of global resources. We can not wish it away. The best way to introduce China in India is to introduce its language at primary level so that our kids develop interest and knowledge about China," Human Resources Minister Kapil Sibal said. The issue figured high on his talks with China's Education Minister Yuan Guiren, who promised to work out modalities to train Indian teachers in Chinese language in India. "Let us get enough Indians to learn Chinese. Let us have a lot of Chinese trainers in India who will teach the young students in schools. That is how we evoke interest in our kids about China. There is no other way to do it," Sibal told Indian

Student Resource: Group for MT Course

The yahoo group for Multi-tier students has been created. You people can join this group at

Pakistan Flood: Big Picture

I came to this post via AHKath's blog. A sad and partial picture of flood destruction!!! Ahh... we can never feel actual pain but we are with them and we will try our best to restate them in pre-flood position

We need our people!!!

I believe everyone is already aware about recent flood in Pakistan. According to UN, around 14 million people have affected by this flood. According to NDMA, 1384 peoples have died and more than 72 thousands home destroyed. The destruction is more than our imagination. Unfortunately, two of our friends are belong to Kot Addu, city of Muzaffargarh District in the Punjab province, most affected area in Punjab. They told us that almost all houses have been destroyed. Crops on more than 424 acresies have been vanished. They have lost each and everything. They do not only need immediate aid in form of clean water, food, tents and medicine but a long term plan for rehabilitation is also required. There are number of NGOs and people are working for relief of flood affected people. But we all know that most of these efforts are for immediate relief. I and my teacher Mr. Khalid Khan decided to do something for these people, but not only as for immediate relief but a long term relief plan in o

Personal Site is up!

Finally my personal website is up at and from now this blog can be access at . It was a long waited pending task which completed on this weekend. Along this I also changed the theme of my blog, thanks to Blogger for offering new wonderful themes! Check out my site and let me know how do you find it.

احادیث کےمطابق دعاؤں کی قبولیت کےاوقات

احادیث کےمطابق دعاؤں کی قبولیت کےاوقات 1: فرض نمازکےبعد 2: اذان اوراقامت کےدرمیان 3: تحجد کے وقت 4: بارش برستےوقت 5: سفرمیں


Disclaimer: Received from a forwarded email. The dinner guests were sitting around the table discussing life. One man, a CEO, decided to explain the problem with education. He argued, "What's a kid going to learn from someone who decided his best option in life was to become a teacher?" To stress his point he said to another guest; "You're a teacher, Barbara. Be honest. What do you make?" Barbara, who had a reputation for honesty and frankness replied, "You want to know what I make? (She paused for a second, and then began...) "Well, I make kids work harder than they ever thought they could. I make a C+ feel like the Congressional Medal of Honor winner. I make kids sit through 40 minutes of class time when their parents CAN'T make them sit for 5 without an I Pod, Game Cube or movie rental. You want to know what I make? (She paused again and looked at each and every person at the table) I make kids wonder. I make them question. I mak

Short 4-Hour Class On Improving Software Development Processes

A short, fast track 4 hours workshop on Improving Software Development Process is going to held on Friday 9th April 2010 by Humayun Quershi. Out of 370 members of PASHA and PSEB, only 14 qualifies CMMI level II but most of them can't afford certification cost. But I think its great chance for us to learn how to improve our processes. Further details on workshop is given below. Short 4-Hour Class On Improving Software Development Processes A fast-track strategy leading to CMMI level 2 Objective How can we double our programmer productivity? How can we reduce the sw defects shipped by 5 times? How can we motivate and retain our development teams? How can we cushion the impact of key developers leaving at short notice? This course should help you to improve your software development processes which will result in greatly reduced costs and improved customer satisfaction; dependency on individuals will decrease and the resulting quality culture will attract and retain high performer

List of FYP Ideas

The list of project ideas for FYP is available at