Our right to know

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Following is the extract from the same article:

On Sept.12, 2009, under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Ordinance 2002, I requested the Ministry of Information Islamabad to provide names of all parliamentarians, Ministers and Senators who hold nationality, passport, green card or permanent residence for any other country, besides Pakistan. When no response was received for four months, the Wafaqi Mohtasib was approached to order the Interior Ministry to do what they ought to have done in 21 days. On the intervention of Wafaqi Mohtasib (letter HQR/0000854/10 dated 27-01-2010) the Ministry of Information sent an interesting response (Letter 3/2/2009-citz dated Feb.11, 2010) stating that “this subject does not relate to the Ministry of Interior and falls within the domain of Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs.” This bureaucratic technique of not providing the information may also called ‘denial through deflection’.


Anonymous said…
This is called Pakistan,,,,,,,,,,and WE (youth) had made it that........

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