Best of Jawwad Farid

All those who want to be an entrepreneur must read about Jawwad Farid . I don't want to introduce him here (interested people can follow the link). I met him in 2008 and soon left my 9 to 6 job to start some venture... although I am still in progress and my recent meeting with him gave me another boost.

Here I want to share his best with you guys. You can find his best talk here

One more link: (All not from Jawwad Farid but still interesting to read/watch)


Anonymous said…
now kindly sir, motivate your students too!
Qasim Pasta said…
What is the duty of the teacher if not to inspire? Bharati Mukherjee

Anonymous said…
Agree! but what about unmanaged gss, no workshops, no proper labs!!!
Qasim Pasta said…
GSS can be managed by only those who are beneficial of this ... are you beneficial of this then come ahead and manage this :)

No workshops? sure? didn't Microsoft come up at PAF-KIET multiple times for workshops? Oh, you don't consider Microsoft workshops as workshops? then I can't do anything :)

No proper labs? Define proper labs! do you mean by proper labs is structure of labs i.e. seating arrangement etc :) Between, who conduct labs? Senior students .. if you are a senior student then come ahead and take TAships... if you are already then go and check Student Opinion Poll for your labs :)

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