Groups for DP Projects (and 3rd One Hour)

Following are the group for 3rd One Hour paper and projects. 3rd One hour paper will available shortly. Given score are useless for you people but just an identification that these groups made on the basis of some stats.

Group 1
Shabbir Raho (Group Leader) [Score: 74,-13]
Syed Osama
Bilal Ameer [Score: 55, -32]

Group 2
Sara Rehmatullah (Group Leader) [Score: 36,0]
Barkat Ali [Score: 48,-24]
Aftab Ali [Score: 33,-54]

Group 3
Ayesha Mehfooz (Group Leader)  [Score: 30,-6]
Farrukh Noor Khan [Score:53,-19]
Faizan Ahmed 

Group 4
Ziyad Sanaullah (Group Leader) [Score: 45,-7]
Zohaib [Score: 64,-8]
M. Sohaib

Group 5
Talha Abdul Muqsit (Group Leader) [Score: 61,-11]
Zubair [Score:56, -16]

Group 6
Nazim Ali (Group Leader) [Score: 61,-11]
Sohail [Score:36,-16]
Sharmeen Shahab [Score: 17,-19]

Group 7
Mirza Danish (Group Leader)
Adeel Riaz [Updated]
Farhan Ahmed
M. Owais


Farhan Ahmed said…

Sir I think there must be a confusion in Group# 7 my name is written two times, I think there should be Adeel Riaz instead of "Farhan"...


Farhan Ahmed.

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