Student Corner: Tips for your resume

1. I feel now there is no more need of objective until or unless your objective is tightly align with the organization's mission.
2. Degrees should be in chronicle order. Your potential employer is interested to see your latest degree first. Years of passing is also important factor for employer. 
3. You need to find a more standard way to define your work experience. See some examples on internet. It is important to mention your designation and job responsibilities.
4. Do you really think CSS is a language? or even Photoshop? or C# is synonym of Visual Studio? or you need to mention C# and .Net as separate skills? Moral: Such things are always debatable and everyone has his or her version. Try to avoid such confusion in your resume (try to find resume of experience people)
5. Mention your FYP as separate heading and immediately after experience.
6. Only include very good and attractive course projects which you really want to let them know. don't mention ordinary course projects, if any.


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