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Horrible Joke: Careem Date breach announcement after 100 days?

So, @ CareemPAK is informing us today us that their data has been breached on 14 January - as mentioned on their website. What were they doing in last 100 days? It has a major consequence and no less than a criminal offense - let me explain in this thread. First, and the simplest thing is: Now they are asking to change your password? For what? Because the one in the custody of all your data can misuse - or can harm your life (YES! your life). Can they do in last 100 days? Aren't they obliged to disclose this information to everyone immediately? WHY? Because of the same reasons they are disclosing at the moment. They didn't why? To secure their systems at the cost of public privacy? Now let me explain how harmful it is... It is pretty common that people use the same or similar password across different applications. Having access to one of passwords of a person may provide you access to h/her different accounts including social media accounts. Imagine - in one c